Chalkidiki peninsula and the city of Thessaloniki are equally far from Nea Kallikrateia and Mallas hotel. Both Chalkidiki and Thessaloniki are full of any kind of sightseeing you wish. (archeological sites, museums, churches, monasteries, natural beauties, traditional villages etc.)



The most notable sights of Chalkidiki are:

  • Petralona cave, where there were discovered human bones, 700.000 years old.
  • The Byzantine tower in Nea Fokea
  • Agia Paraskevi Spa, with hot springs and modern spa center.
  • Mount Athos, with unique and historical monasteries, in the third peninsula of Chalkidiki, in Athos. According to Greek mythology (Homer and Aeschylus), the peninsula was created by a huge rock that giant Athos threw to Poseidon. Remains of old altars and traces of old walls prove the existence of cities in the ancient times. The development of monasticism in Mount Athos, began before 9th century in 1971, was officially declared as a place where women cannot enter in, by the emperors Nikiforos Fokas and Ioanni Tsimiski. The” garden of Virgin Mary ” is the stronghold of Orthodoxy and is visited by thousand of whisperers every year.
  • Stageira , where Philosopher Aristoteles, was born, and the Thematic Park
  • Sea Festival( N. Moudania) Siviri, Sanni, Kassandra, Afitos and local feasts.
  • More than 20 nights of showings, from May until October, in local level
  • Pine forests and endless beautiful beaches, with sand, pebbles or rocks that end in very clean and warm sea.
  • Villages and towns, by the sea or in the mountains, with excellent tourist infrastructure, cosmopolitan atmosphere and intense night life
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